Timothy ferriss quotes

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It was completely unsustainable. The entire point is to risk rejection and discomfort, but asking for 10 percent off your coffee is a second example of many examples in this category of comfort challenges. When you worry and hurry through your day, It is like an unopened gift thrown away.

Timothy ferriss quotes

Being busy is a form of mental laziness. This is so that he is better able to make decisions that are proactive and big picture, and less out of obligation, or guilt, or fear of missing out because he knows that even if he misses a particular deal, even if a cutting edge project or experiment, or his pushing the envelope fails, that he can make do and in fact, often thrive with next to nothing.

Timothy ferriss quotes

Timothy ferriss quotes

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  1. It was an operating system that had been tested on the front lines both literally in the case of say, Marcus Aurelius , and metaphorically in other high stakes environments, like the Senate and certainly in POW camps and so on later. Filling demand is easier.

    What are some of the weaknesses that you see in Stoicism? There is a place, at least in my life, for a decent amount of hedonism.

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    What are some of the weaknesses that you see in Stoicism?

    I first encountered Stoicism in or so and, at the time, I was completely flamed out.

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