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Rowe encourages you to remember that thigh gaps are likely a passing trend. For those individuals whose ancestry comes from cooler climates or Eastern European countries, the body fat distribution tends to be more even so as to insulate the entire body to bear the bitter winter months. Fat cells have two types of receptors:


If you have wider set hips, it will not be necessary to get as lean as those with narrow hips because the gap will be apparent even with a little more fat padding due to your bone structure. I have no idea why this is, but I suppose it has something to do with the dearth of fitness experts being men and their training goals and problem areas being starkly different to women.



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  1. You can thank Mother Nature and your hormones for this! Doing this will only lead to the build up of muscles underneath the stubborn fat and that muscle will push the fat out further creating bulky, swollen looking legs.

    Thus, to effectively slim down your thighs you are going to want to focus first on one thing, either losing fat, or losing muscle in the thigh region.

    From one of our inner thigh workout videos: What is attractive and fashionable now may not be in five years," he says.

    Over the past several years, "thigh gap" -- the space formed between some people's thighs when they stand up straight with their feet together -- has become somewhat of a beauty trend and a source of heated cultural debate.

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