The truth about thigh gaps

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This gap has become the most current longed for attribute for younger to middle-aged females. There is, however, something wrong with over exercising, ruthlessly dieting to the point of being malnourished, and generally making yourself mentally and physically unhealthy in effort to reach a goal that is literally not possible for your body. Her Campus is taking a closer look at the gap between perception and reality behind this disturbing trend.

The truth about thigh gaps

Let's get our facts straight. But before you start cutting calories and heading to the gym, here are the facts about thigh gap. Amy Herold, a gynecologist and the medical director of ShimmerTeen.

The truth about thigh gaps

The truth about thigh gaps

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Astound Robyn Lawley is divided for irrevocable out against the initiation gap trend. For someone with matter-set traits, however, a thigh gap is solitary even with a petite improve weight.

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