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There are different versions of the sequence of events here and who was involved. Munoz wrote Bishop Lillis that he wished to resign the pastorate so he could be a missionary to the Mexican people living in the U.

The picture lady salina ks

He and Professor John Deister, who taught Spanish at the Junior College and who came along as interpreter, found them living in a vacant house near the railroad tracks. The men worked on the railroads, in the packing plants and in factories. Munoz was the only Spanish speaking priest for the entire area.

The picture lady salina ks

The picture lady salina ks

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  1. Hundreds of them were murdered or forced to flee for their lives. Language was a major handicap.

    The German-speaking people at Sts.

    Sometimes sick calls would take him 60 miles out of the city.

    The people had a strong sense of community, which was nurtured by the local parish church.

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