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The nurse's actions gave the policewoman enough time to draw her weapon, and shoot Jessen dead. The victim, who suffered paranoid schizophrenia, answered the door to someone claiming to be a policeman. Instead, guns were shoved in their faces and their money stolen.

The gumtree brisbane

The Latin word can have a few meanings: Jessen's mother, a single parent, wept for the victim and told the court at her son's bail hearing that if Jessen were released, he "is never to forget what he's done". Advertisement He was sentenced to three years' jail over the appalling attack, in which he and four teenage friends had lured a mentally ill man to the front door of his Rosebud home on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, before setting him alight.

The gumtree brisbane

The gumtree brisbane

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  1. Justin McManus Back then, Jessen was in court to answer charges over setting a year-old man alight.

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