The definition of rsvp

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In the meantime, I'll use my imagination to guess if I should lay out additional lunches, cupcakes and loot bags for the 14 kids whose parents did not RSVP to my child's birthday party invitation. Those of you who truly know the meaning of RSVP may leave this article, because you realize that an RSVP is a convention placed there by etiquette, good manners, and common sense. Undoubtedly you've seen the words RSVP printed on wedding, birthday party, or similar invitations -- but do you truly know what RSVP means in English, and how these words should be interpreted?

The definition of rsvp

Are good manners just disappearing, have we gotten too busy to call, text, e-mail or mail back our RSVP -- or has the meaning of RSVP simply been lost in translation? And if you look closely on a given invitation, you may also note an "RSVP by" followed by a date.

The definition of rsvp

The definition of rsvp

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  1. Or in terms of head count, the host may be penalized for adding additional guests at the eleventh hour -- or in some cases it may not even be possible.

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