Teasing laugh

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At times, it is necessary for a child to seek adult assistance or intervention if the teaser is persistent. Many children are not familiar with or do not understand cultural or ethnic differences.

Teasing laugh

When children realize that there are effective strategies that they can use in teasing situations, their coping skills are strengthened. Children who are teased on a school bus, in class, or during recess often don't want to go to school. Children should try to pretend that the teaser is invisible and act as if nothing has happened.

Teasing laugh

Teasing laugh

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  1. Where is it happening? Freedman is a licensed clinical social worker at Prairie Elementary School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and developer of a stress education program for children and parents.

    A parent's overreaction can result in a child overreacting.

    Many young children respond well to visualizing words "bouncing off" of them.

    The following strategies may also help:

    It may help them feel part of a group. This image can be created by showing how Nerf balls bounce off a person.

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