Taylors lakes vic

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Summer Rock 'n' Roll Event We're dusting off the classics for an open day that you'll be sure to enjoy. You can participate in and with our Taylors Lakes Club.

Taylors lakes vic

There are many available facilities in Taylors Lakes, such as shopping centres, cinemas, bowling alley, schools, a train station, bus lines, parks and gardens, sports grounds, roads, houses and kindergartens. Utilities Telephone and internet services in the suburb of Taylors Lakes are provided through Telstra owned Sydenham and Taylors Lakes telephone exchanges. Why not become a Friend of Taylors Lakes Lions.

Taylors lakes vic

Taylors lakes vic

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    We also seek to have fun together, enjoy each other's company and work together as a united team. Come along and enjoy your favourite tunes played by our live band, and a tasty afternoon tea.

    As a Friend you will receive regular newsletters, as well as invitations to special events and activities.


    Our motel services include a cleaning service and self-service laundry, while our front desk is manned by friendly local staff who will be more than happy to recommend any number of attractions around Tullamarine Airport and Melbourne to you. Find community service and volunteer opportunities in Lions through:

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