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By 11 November the camp at Tabragalba had 38 buildings, including latrines, kitchens, messes, sleeping quarters, ablutions, showers, a gas chamber, oil store, Quarter Master's store, canteen, power house, butcher shop, pump house, guard house, lime and straw hut, saw bench Regimental Aid Post, laundry, recreation hut, and administration buildings. Scouts, Raiders, Rangers and Reconnaissance Units. The camp was located close to the homestead, to the east of the Albert River, and initially nine buildings were erected and the existing dairy, garage, milking shed, stables and fowl house floor slab were converted for military use.


In May the Philippines subsection of the Section 'C' became the Philippine Regional Section PRS , tasked with infiltrating the Philippines to establish a radio net and organise resistance to the Japanese occupiers. At "Camp X" probably named after the 'X' secret radio frequency used by the Coast Watchers at Tabragalba the radio operators plus several hundred men selected for scout duty received special training for their missions. From early it was used by the Allied Intelligence Bureau AIB to train Coast Watch operatives, and from late Tabragalba was home to Filipinos training to infiltrate the Philippines to establish radio networks and organise resistance to the Japanese prior to the MacArthur's return.



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