Sway control hitch hook up

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Less weight on the front axle of your vehicle can cause diminished performance in terms of steering, traction and stopping power. As soon as your trailer begins to move out of line, the friction pads inside the unit make contact with one another and create resistance to help reduce any further side-to-side movement. These ball bearings help to keep the trailer in a straight line by applying pressure inside the detents.

Sway control hitch hook up

If you determine that you do need an additional sway control bar, like the Reese Pro Series Friction Sway Control, , you will need to install it on the other side of the trailer and attach another sway control ball, included, to your weight distribution head. Typically, they rely on the downward force of the spring bars to apply frictional resistance to the brackets on both sides of the trailer frame.

Sway control hitch hook up

Sway control hitch hook up

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  1. When Is Weight Distribution Needed?

    Similar to the cams on a dual-cam system, these ball bearings allow the TruTrack to self-adjust and self-center during crosswinds and sudden swerving.

    These points, where each spring bar connects to the head, comprise 2 points of any 4-point system. If this happens, your vehicle's rear axle will bear the weight of not only the trailer, but much of your tow vehicle's weight as well.

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