Survival episodes

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Today, the most dangerous vector on earth is the mosquito. Back to the Basics Ever since sailors noticed that scurvy could be prevented with citrus fruits, it has been clear that illness could be caused by a lack of certain nutrients. Using highlights from the six-hour series, this special focuses on the individual heroes whose tireless perseverance saves millions of lives across the globe.

Survival episodes

Back to the Basics explores the connection between health and the essential requirements that so many people take for granted. Deadly Messengers Since the plague killed millions of Europeans in the Middle Ages, vector-borne diseases — those that rely on insects and animals to spread infectious agents — have posed a serious threat to public health. Rise of the Superbugs It's difficult to imagine a world without medicines — and yet, before the twentieth century there weren't any.

Survival episodes

Survival episodes

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  1. It also examines how an overabundance of nutrition — in the form of over-consumption — is causing an epidemic of obesity that is spreading across the globe.

    Today, the most dangerous vector on earth is the mosquito.

    Deadly Messengers recounts the stories of heroic scientists and health workers who battled against the mosquito, and examines current efforts to control dangerous and spreading vector-borne diseases.

    Delivering the Goods At the dawn of the 21st century, we can prevent, treat or cure most of the deadliest diseases known to humankind — and yet millions die needlessly every year because the benefits of modern medicine and public health fail to reach them. From young polio warriors in India to armies of grandmothers in Nepal, the program takes viewers inside the stirring campaigns that have brought renewed faith to poor communities from Africa to South America.

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