Sunshine movie 1973

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It was based on the real life story of Jacquelyn Helton One of the poems was the basis of the song "Sunshine", which Denver set to music. The theories were was it based on a poem she wrote, Sunshine on My Shoulders, or maybe even what she would call her daughter but here is an explanation, "Armed with a new tape recorder and with the support of some celebrities, including John Denver, who heard of her plight, Jacquelyn continued to record, and wrote poetry as well.

Sunshine movie 1973

Helton began to record her thoughts about dying and leaving her husband and baby behind on audio tape and written journal with the goal of writing a book to help other dying people. Whenever the Auckland International Film Festival would roll around a good friend of mine would eagerly flip through the film catalogue and if he spotted a film involving orphans stumbling through war torn Europe he was so there.

Sunshine movie 1973

Sunshine movie 1973

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  1. After the first incident with the LA Times, I realized who was telling me to buy them. If anyone reading this has the power to get it on to DVD

    Helton died on November 7, at the age of The novelisation for Sunshine, however, looks like a bundle of laughs.

    Sunshine may be the first TV movie to make people weep.

    Unlike Love Story, Sunshine doesn't shy away from the realities of living with and dying of cancer. Film origins[ edit ] Sunshine was based on the life of Jacquelyn M.

    Helton died on November 7, at the age of The music is early 70s minor key folk written by John Denver and either performed by him or the co-star Cliff De Young.

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