Summer date night ideas nyc

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Wave Hill is closed on Mondays. However, you really do need a car because both places are damn far from Brooklyn. Remember to swim only when lifeguards are around and never leave kids unattended.

Summer date night ideas nyc

Summer love in New York City! Travel across this iconic, car-free landmark that connects the Bronx and Manhattan.

Summer date night ideas nyc

Summer date night ideas nyc

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  1. Admission is free on Saturday and Tuesday mornings. Seriously, I have gotten tickets to all three places for a buck.

    And of course, plenty of beer. On the Seventh Avenue side, there are basketball, handball, and volleyball courts, as well as playgrounds, a soccer field, and a free outdoor pool.

    Admission to the pool is free! There are picnic tables, barbecuing spots, ball fields, and nature exploration paths down at Lower Highland Park.

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