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Steve sisler

For the last 10 years, Steve Sisler has been reading people for a living. And so much more… Beyond any degree, any certification, any technical skillset, the most important factor in how far you go in your career, and every area of life is how well you connect with people.

Steve sisler

Steve sisler

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  1. These people come from an optimistic emotional base and they operate based on how they feel. For the last 10 years, Steve Sisler has been reading people for a living.

    Why meek does not equal weak. They are usually very charming and suave — think of Bill Clinton.

    What he also shares on this episode is the four types of people. Naturally a man like Steve has hundreds upon hundreds of stories about his work and the revelations people have experienced as a result of better understandings of themselves and each other; he shares a few of those with us on this episode and they are worth listening in to hear!


    Using historical eras and themes to guide the course, students will be exposed to and gain an appreciation of many different musical genres and historical events.

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