Stationary bike sprints

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Even though it is very challenging, I find it much easier to say, "Okay, just 20 minutes of interval training and then I'll do my lift," in comparison to, "Okay, just have to run for an hour and then I am going to go lift. The test subjects reached their highest V02 max while performing the type of exercise they usually performed.

Stationary bike sprints

Know that I am very fit and have been doing this for years, so if you are starting from ground zero don't go this intensely unless you want to throw up after your attempt. In steady-state training you aren't increasing or decreasing your intensity.

Stationary bike sprints

Stationary bike sprints

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  1. Tabata Workout One of the most famous interval workouts is called Tabata, named after Japanese speed skating coach, Izumi Tabata, who did a study on the workout and found it effective at improving the fitness level of his skaters. Just look at sprint cyclists.

    The great thing about HIIT is that you don't need to be a professional athlete or need a professional trainer to do these workouts. Physiological Differences Between Cycling and Running:

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