Stanford from sex and the city

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They feel insincere, overblown, transparently commercial -- and in the case of the recent sequel, brutally culturally insensitive. But over the past decade, television portrayals of gay men have cracked open into something far more nuanced.

Stanford from sex and the city

But much like the female heroines' designer fetishes, the gay characters in "Sex and the City" are still trapped in some very glittery late-'90s amber. The two main gay characters, Carrie's chubby pal Stanford Willie Garson and Charlotte's sassy BFF Anthony Marantino played by Mario Cantone , are tragically asexual helpmates whose main role has always been to provide relationship advice to the show's straight female characters, fling bitchy quips, or let their flamboyant outfits serve as a visual punch line. It's depressing to see such an antiquated vision of gay culture and relationships get such massive play.

Stanford from sex and the city

Stanford from sex and the city

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  1. You should meet my gay friend," I could probably buy a plane ticket to Abu Dhabi or, at the very least, Buffalo. In the sequel, however, the pair finally get the dignity of their own storyline:

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