Stalker at work

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When a senior manager is involved the human resources manager may find it necessary to bring in the chief executive or even the board. Most states have some type of anti-stalking legislation in place, although what constitutes stalking will vary from state to state.

Stalker at work

Managing Internal Stalkers e. A very real danger for many stalking victims is that fellow employees are often unaware of the dangers of stalking, particularly receptionists and others responsible for entry into a business.

Stalker at work

Stalker at work

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  1. Involving Law Enforcement If a coworker is harassing you outside the workplace, trespassing on your property or making violent threats, it's best to let the police step in rather than to rely on your employer.


    Using the Internet to Follow You Some stalkers send emails and texts to their victim daily. Obviously if a situation gets to this point it will be stressful for everyone involved.

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