Sprinting and jogging

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Make more efficient use of your workout time by doing the right one. Additionally, sprinting shoots testosterone and growth hormone production up through explosive, athletic bursts. What Is Better Jogging or Sprinting?

Sprinting and jogging

Anyways, the points we touched on above is why you see Olympic sprinters with muscular bodies. Primary lower-body muscles used in both sprinting and jogging include the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, iliopsoas and calves. This creates an anabolic environment which will help you become stronger and gain muscle especially in your glutes and the rest of your lower body but also your trunk aka the torso according to this study.

Sprinting and jogging

Sprinting and jogging

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  1. In running, feet touch the ground more often than in comparison to jogging. You can estimate your maximum heart rate by subtracting your age from

    To answer that, you have to really know what your goals are and why you run in the first place.

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