Sprinter physique

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Head turning both aesthetically and athletically. Upper-Body Brilliance Most sprinters also have very developed upper bodies.

Sprinter physique

Get out there and do some sprints and get happy, naturally. You read that right; sprinting can actually have a double pronged effect of not only burning fat, but simultaneously inducing an anabolic state and helping you build muscle.

Sprinter physique

Sprinter physique

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Get Contacted Abs If you've ever evaluated the holding during the Olympics, you'll relocation that men all sprinter physique bitter defined abdominal muscles -- all of them have six-pack abs. As the construction templates, exercise is the famous and most excellent anti-depressant.
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  1. Carl Lewis Carl Lewis won 10 Olympic medals, including nine gold. Usain Bolt Usain Bolt is a nine-time Olympic gold medalist, holds the record for the fastest time a human being ever ran and is a strong contender for the greatest Olympian of all time title.

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