Spring gully bendigo

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Signage for both the trail network and road rides that head out to the south of Bendigo thus making the site a cycling hub that is inclusive of as many rider types as possible. This is already attracted about riders a week.

Spring gully bendigo

Not sure where Fastways is? We also see this as a fantastic assets for the junior development of cycling in Bendigo. Where not to Ride When riding beside the Gold Fields track at the bottom of Mt Herbert, riders are discouraged from riding on the upper side of the water race see image below.

Spring gully bendigo

Spring gully bendigo

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  1. The green loop will then link into the remainder of the 30km of trails proposed for the whole network. How long will it take?

    Whist we are waiting for funding to be approved and raising more funds ourselves we have started looking at what could be done at the trail head.

    We are hoping to create a riding experience on the same level as the best networks in Australia within 5km of the Bendigo CBD. Pump Track integrated with existing and new vegetation.

    Click image to enlarge. It could take years to complete the whole network but we believe it will be worth the wait.

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