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Again, probably no coincidence that this was the offseason that Johnson's buddy Ed Reed came over in a disastrous free agency signing. Foster does a great job on his podcast of interspersing his views and opinions while drawing out long, thoughtful answers from his interview subjects. Indianapolis Colts Saturday, Jan.

Sports radio 610 podcast

Johnson laments the people who come out of the woodwork with open palms, and tells a hilarious story about asking a friend "If I gave you a million dollars, what would you do? However, we did not know he asked for a trade after the Texans' season in

Sports radio 610 podcast

Sports radio 610 podcast

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  1. Second, the Texans are now an old enough franchise to have a number of former players whose opinions people truly care about. Apparently, Andre was the only one who saw the futility of coming.

    I find exchanges like this about money way more compelling than those shows where it's like "Hey, look at the decadent stuff that super wealthy people are buying!! This is one of the most wide-open playoff fields in recent NFL memory with multiple teams having a real shot to reach the Super Bowl.

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    First, the proliferation of podcasting has given former players or any human being with a microphone and a voice, really an outlet to express views and converse with guests of their choosing. Johnson cites this, along with a desire to provide for his mom, as a key element to staying on the straight and narrow.

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