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In practice many hymns conform to one of a relatively small number of meters syllable count and stress patterns. Such hymns were banned, along with any form of instrumental musical accompaniment, and organs were removed from churches. Thomas Symmes[ clarification needed ] spread throughout churches a new idea of how to sing hymns, in which anyone could sing a hymn any way they felt led to; this idea was opposed by the views of Symmes' colleagues[ who?

Spirituals youtube

They survive in oral tradition in isolated areas and also among users of the shape-note hymnal s q. Luther and his followers often used their hymns, or chorales, to teach tenets of the faith to worshipers. American developments[ edit ] African-Americans developed a rich hymnody from spirituals during times of slavery to the modern, lively black gospel style.

Spirituals youtube

Spirituals youtube

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  1. Byzantine chant is almost always a cappella , and instrumental accompaniment is rare. Gospel songs generally include a refrain or chorus and usually though not always a faster tempo than the hymns.

    It isn't uncommon to hear accounts of young people and teenagers gathering together to spend an afternoon singing hymns and anthems from tune books, which was considered great fun, and there are surviving accounts of Abraham Lincoln and his sweetheart singing together from the Missouri Harmony during his youth.

    The meter can also be described by initials; L.

    To illustrate Protestant usage, in the traditional services and liturgies of the Methodist churches, which are based upon Anglican practice, hymns are sung often accompanied by an organ during the processional to the altar, during the receiving of communion, during the recessional , and sometimes at other points during the service. Like the white gospel song, the modern black gospel song is a descendant of the spiritual and is instrumentally accompanied.

    A student of hymnody is called a hymnologist, and the scholarly study of hymns, hymnists and hymnody is hymnology. Since the earliest times, Christians have sung "psalms and hymns and spiritual songs", both in private devotions and in corporate worship Matthew

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