Spiritual acceptance

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True love is also a state we experience between lives, when we feel the Light showering us with love yet expecting nothing in return from us. Acceptance is a flow of consciousness that continually moves on to the next thing.

Spiritual acceptance

Again, what I am speaking of is not limited to what I write about. It is about letting life flow and unfold without getting in the way. Real acceptance is not for wimps, nor is it a wishy-washy passive way of making do with whatever is present.

Spiritual acceptance

Spiritual acceptance

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  1. Just do your best to be coming from the right place — from genuine compassion or veneration.


    If so and this is purely hypothetical , your current lesson would be something like to understand, though raw experience, that giving love is not a game of trading favours. All the chairs were soaked, the guests ran for cover in a panic and the staff was out in the rain gathering the chairs, whisking them into the reception tent, toweling them dry while sliding over the wet and treacherous floor.

    This absence of "againstness" allows us to engage our reality in such a way that we can learn from it and strengthen our ability to function in this world. Here are two of my favorite quotes on the subject of acceptance:

    She was sitting there sobbing in her wedding dress, with makeup dripping down her stubborn face. If you hold on to your desire, you create a mental and emotional tension between your desire and reality.

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