Spectacles testicles wallet and watch movie

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In the East, the people simply continued to make the same sign. This would be relevant. It has no relevance to the article what one individual did once.

Spectacles testicles wallet and watch movie

Other times when Western Christians cross themselves are before and after receiving Communion, and at the beginning of the Benedictus. I would ask you to show the source for: I have reintroduced to the article a lot of material that has just been removed.

Spectacles testicles wallet and watch movie

Spectacles testicles wallet and watch movie

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  1. The direction of the sign of the cross are from the head "spectacles" downwards towards the "testicles" upwards and across to the right side of the chest where "pocket watches" were held in the right hand waist coat pocket, the towards the left hand side where a man would keep his "wallet" in the inside of his jacket. It became western practice over time, but as I was taught in seminary, right-to-left was still common up until about years ago.

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