Speaking up for yourself

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Your body is a great compass and will usually highlight in some way, that you are being faced with inappropriate behaviour and that you may need to take some action towards the person who has made the snide remark, or an unsolicited criticism towards you. And I often don't.

Speaking up for yourself

You may be tempted to even apologise to the person who was rude to you! Try this process the next time you are faced with rude or inappropriate comments or behaviours: Surround yourself with people that can support you.

Speaking up for yourself

Speaking up for yourself

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  1. Who, exactly, is now afraid of whom? Others fail to speak up because they fear the other person will think badly of them or they may end up hurting their feelings.

    The goal is to speak up rather than swallowing your anger.

    When I have been hurt and express anger, I am afraid the other person, misunderstanding, will get mad at me for being angry.

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