Soweto gospel choir melbourne

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I also loved the dancing with its uplifting enthusiasm and athleticism. The competition opens at Yet, the breadth and depth of the sounds that it generates is stunning.

Soweto gospel choir melbourne

Not only was he esteemed for the personal sacrifice that he made to end apartheid in South Africa and the grace with which he led the country for five years as President, but he was the only world leader with some decent dance moves. The choir is only 17 strong plus a couple of frenetic drummers and the occasional keyboard. With a life-affirming, exuberant tribute to the Father of South Africa consisting of a mix of English language standards and South African originals, the Soweto Gospel Choir converted a sedate Adelaide audience from polite clappers to swaying Pentecostal chanters and hand-wavers — and all in just over an hour.

Soweto gospel choir melbourne

Soweto gospel choir melbourne

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