Southern belle rules to live by

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Gramma may not have been born here, but as the saying goes, she got here as fast as she could. I kid you not; my husband has worn the same hat for the last 15 years. Cows chew the cud, not good Southerners.

Southern belle rules to live by

Never reply to a formal invitation in anything other than black ink. They have the gift of gab. They are not afraid to cook with butter.

Southern belle rules to live by

Southern belle rules to live by

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They class that a lot of friendships and love disclaimer sacrifice. They have the gift of gab.
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  1. Chewing gum is especially rude at business meetings, church, school, or really anyplace where someone might see you. They were raised to know how to make a good meal, to feed themselves and the people they love, and to have people looking forward to coming over for dinner.

    I am college-educated, hard-working, and active in my community. They can party, but they are never or at least almost never sloppy or blackout drunk.

    They know how to charm anyone, and can get valuable information from anyone they need to.

    Some spoken and some unspoken.

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