Sophos cannot configure updating

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What to do Check group policy for restrictions on the account name mentioned in the message. To check that you are using the correct credentials in the right place Open Enterprise Console. What to do Check the share as set in the updating policy is available and you can connect to it.

Sophos cannot configure updating

What to do Confirm what the password is and then re-enter it into either the central policy so it can be sent to the computer's locally, or 'Configure Updating' option on the computer if not managed centrally. To do this in the WebAdmin go to:

Sophos cannot configure updating

Sophos cannot configure updating

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  1. Also, ensure the server hosting the share is switched on and available on the network. This can again be checked on the 'Account' tab under 'Logon Hours

    On the affected workstation, right-click the Sophos shield in the system tray. Increase the width of the 'Message' column to see all the text for the longest message string in the 'Message' column.

    What to do The most likely cause of this issue is that a firewall is blocking the connection. Check that this computer is connected to the network and that Sophos AutoUpdate is configured to update from the correct location with the correct credentials and proxy details if required Cause What to do Check the log for another, more precise, error mentioned below this error.

    An old version of SAV is installed on the endpoint computer and fails to be updated.

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