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Erosion of the beaches around Somers, particularly around the Yacht Club has been a major concern for foreshore communities and residents of Parklands Avenue and The Promenade over the last few decades. It is not unusual in Somers to see some introduced koalas and the suburb is well known for its Koala Walk.

Somers vic

In recent years the erosion has slowed and almost stopped, and experts predict it could be due to a major decrease in easterly winds, tending to slow the effects of longshore drift, thus the erosion. At certain times of the year these beaches can be covered with dried seaweed from the extensive marine vegetation under the waters of Western Port, however when the seaweed is not in season, all of Somers beaches boast clean sand. Sand all these beaches is generally fine grain mixed with crushed sea shells.

Somers vic

Somers vic

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  1. Somers is also home to The Somers Yacht Club which houses a Sea Rescue Facility, who contribute greatly to the safety of Western Port Bay through the use of rescue boats sent out to help capsized skippers and crew, or those in other forms of trouble, whilst the Yacht Club is open.

    As recently as May , the beach west of Merricks Creek lost three metres of dunes in as little as three days, caused by gale-force winds, large swell and king tides. There are no shopping strips or centres and no supermarkets.

    Walking is also popular in Somers as good quality sealed and unsealed pathways exist along roadsides and in parklands, where walkers enjoy native bush land, wildlife and views of Western Port. Several decades ago, Somers Yacht Club was situated next to the beach with a depression where once the Merricks Creek flowed separating it from the sands of the beach of Westernport Bay.


    Occasionally echidnas have been seen in the area around The Promenade. As of June , the sand groyne is still in place, and as such the surrounding beaches have benefitted with the buildup of sand.

    Where the base meets Somers at its coastline, beaches are closed and the land consists mainly of bushy coastal forests. The South Beach has an intricate system of rock pools, this is both of great interest to beachcombers, and something of a curse, as the beach is a difficult place to swim.

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