Solr log file analysis

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First Class Documentation and Support Solr has long maintained an extensive reference guide that covers functional and operational aspects of Solr for every version. Despite what others would have you believe , Solr is quite alive and well, thank you very much.

Solr log file analysis

Read More From DZone. To give Solr a try, check out the quickstart.

Solr log file analysis

Solr log file analysis

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  1. You can see the seasonal variability of search keywords because it can display keywords as old as 12 months. Any Solr manager now can upload Solr query logs to soleami and visualize needs of visitors for free.

    Solr plays nicely in this stack in a number of ways: Any Solr manager now can upload Solr query logs to soleami and visualize needs of visitors for free.

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