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Though Helene later escapes, her younger brother and sister, Edmund and Marie, are deported to a concentration camp. He is eerily and analytically stoic, showing no emotion whatsoever in anything he says and always maintaining a deadpan expression, often with his mouth formed into an 'o' shape. They also manage to lure Helene's long-time editorial associate, Luba Tcherina, away from her, while bribing her banker, Adam Gore, into calling in her outstanding loans so that she will become bankrupt.

Sins show

He has a love for books and can often be seen reading them in his spare time. In , Helene meets and falls in love with American army officer David Westfield when he is visiting Paris, but their affair is short-lived when David is transferred to Vietnam and is killed in action.

Sins show

Sins show

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  1. She then blackmails the De Villes for million francs, or she will have Hubert arrested for murder and destroy their family's reputation. It becomes apparent shortly after his first interactions and adventures with the Sins that he is anything but human.

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