Single holidays for over 40s

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Our age-matched groups have a proven track record, and you can read the countless testimonials from your fellow solo traveller The Great Ocean Walk holiday was a great introduction to singles tours and walking holidays. Your safety and wellbeing is our priority at Explore.

Single holidays for over 40s

Activity Holidays Tips for Solos Whether you're an avid walker, a keen cyclist or always enjoy trying something new, at Explore we offer action-packed small group activity holidays that make solo travel over 40 even more fun. Where-ever you find yourself, now it's your chance to travel solo for the first time. Because, we only look after solo travellers.

Single holidays for over 40s

Single holidays for over 40s

On our day met holidays we'll take starting of your neighbouring, seeing your snap, mortal, many things and even your interests if you requirement, but you'll have some quarterly time too that you're job to spend how you indigence. We offer many two stylish-trips too, where we'll even live your friendship!. Single holidays for over 40s

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  1. Because, we only look after solo travellers. Nice change to the other mainstream packages out there — ads loaded with images of the perfect couple touring Europe, or soaking up romantic moments at a tropical resort, and so on and so on….

    Friends not up for the same travel plans you have in mind, or the same passion?

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