Signs of emotional insecurity

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Have a look at that and examine the pros and cons of any behaviour. To find out more go to - http: Secure people understand that they don't need the other person.

Signs of emotional insecurity

And while they are short term benefits, they are unlikely to lead to long term solutions. While this may be true for some people and at certain times for others, there will be times when this approach is unsuccessful.

Signs of emotional insecurity

Signs of emotional insecurity

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  1. Hoverer, the pain that it is numbing these days is rarely physical pain; it is largely emotional pain.


    Because the relationship means everything to her she abandons everything else and over invests emotionally.

    But you can sit on the sidelines and grumble, or you can do whatever you can do to handle the situation.

    She can't take constructive criticism and refuses to examine her own shortcomings. Realizing that is the first step to getting rid of insecurity.

    Subconsciously she knows she has flaws but she refuses to acknowledge these.

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