Should men shave pubic hair

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I found out that while people out there want to pin it on hygiene, shaving has a number of cons that should keep every man away from the razor. His friend was quick to respond that in this era, keeping things hairy down there is primitive and unheard off. If so, get prepared.

Should men shave pubic hair

When this happens for pubes, the a few days old stubble causes an itch that is made worse by the sensitivity of the skin around the genitals. As their conversation quickly bounced off to other topics, my curiosity lingered on it. Side effects The skin around the pubic area is more sensitive than on the rest of the body.

Should men shave pubic hair

Should men shave pubic hair

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  1. Sometimes this results in cases of razor burn, ingrown hair, razor bumps and allergic reactions which all turn out to be a bother.

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