Shes not into you

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Mary later runs into Conor, recognizing him from his ad photo, and introduces herself, having only spoken to him over the phone. However, if she is constantly flaking on you, especially last minute, this is a pretty strong sign that she's not interested.

Shes not into you

If she's constantly stressing that it's so nice "having you as a friend" or explicitly introducing you as "my friend, [your name]," then she's trying to tell you something — namely, that you are not her boyfriend and never will be. Plot[ edit ] Nine young Baltimore residents deal with their respective romantic problems, usually thwarted by the differing ideals and desires of their chosen partner. However, it's ultimately healthier to call off a relationship that's only limping along with one party's active involvement, so if you think that's what's happening in your situation, do the brave thing and move on.

Shes not into you

Shes not into you

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  1. If you go shake her hand, give her a hug or just get closer to her and she moves back even just slightly it can be a sign she needs more space.

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