Sheppard afb zip code

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In addition to the basic flying training, the base also provided advanced pilot training. Training in certain missile systems began at Sheppard in and was conducted there through September when Titan II training operations were terminated following that weapon system's retirement.

Sheppard afb zip code

The th Flying Training Wing was activated in , and it assumed the helicopter training program. The population of the base had declined to 3, in

Sheppard afb zip code

Sheppard afb zip code

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  1. The aircraft mechanics school was transferred to Sheppard from Keesler AFB , Mississippi in April to make room for expansion of electronic training at that base. This one-of-a-kind program includes NATO countries.

    Approval to conduct the program was recently extended through the year


    Additional training in airborne firefighting was also conducted, given the role of the USAF HH aircraft as a local rescue and aircraft firefighting asset at selected air force bases in the United States and at air bases overseas.

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