Sex ratio kansas to race

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K - State Age Diversity Rank 1, out of 3, The traditional student is between the ages of This university is ranked at in male to female diversity nationwide.

Sex ratio kansas to race

The faculty's ethnic diversity is on par with the national average. That makes Kansas the 40th most densely populated state in the US -- so, overall, the state consists of lots of wide open country.

Sex ratio kansas to race

Sex ratio kansas to race

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  1. The rural population of Kansas continues to decline in a process known as rural flight. The undergraduate population is comprised of 10, males and 9, females.

    At Kansas State University, the disparity between men and women on campus is far lower than the national average.

    The census reported Kansas and Colorado Territory in terms of their boundaries. Although the last official Census was carried out in , estimates are released every year and in , it was estimated that the population of Kansas had reached 2,,

    K - State Age Diversity Rank 1, out of 3,

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