Sex life of catherine the great

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Penises and vulvas were carved out on the furniture, the walls were covered in erotic art, statues of a naked man and woman inside, and some versions of the legend state that some erotic artifacts from Pompeii were even brought into Russia to augment this collection. Catherine the Great actually expired alone and of natural causes. Under her, the country prospered, schools were established, laws enacted, wars fought and won.

Sex life of catherine the great

By the first of these passions, she was never so far governed as to become a Messalina , but she often disgraced both her rank and sex: Apocryphal historical legend holds that Russian empress Catherine the Great died attempting to engage in sexual intercourse with a horse. The rooms and the furniture were allegedly seen in by two Wehrmacht officers during the Nazi Invasion of The Soviet Union , but even if that were true, the rooms and furniture seem to have vanished since then.

Sex life of catherine the great

Sex life of catherine the great

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