Sex coping with stress studies

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Implications for sexuality research in close relationships and methods for studying cyclical processes are discussed. The occurrence of any of these changes can be caused by conflict and a problem within the family Shahverdi et al. In addition, the conflict between family members is harmful to the unity and integrity of the family and is associated with psychological problems such as depression and anxiety Shahverdi et al.

Sex coping with stress studies

In their view, our interpretation of our events is more important than events itself. This scale was developed by Rosen et al. One of the criteria for choosing these people was to be consent to participate in the study.

Sex coping with stress studies

Sex coping with stress studies

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  1. The statistical population included all normal married women and women with marital conflicts who referred to counseling centers in Yazd city in Therefore, a happy person is one who has many positive emotions, low negative emotions and experiences a lot of life satisfaction.

    Disfunction is widely defined as the inability to fully enjoy sexual intercourse.

    Thus, the sample included women 75 normal married women and 75 marital conflicts referring to counseling centers in Yazd, which was obtained through available sampling.

    The emotional-focused feature is the cognitive strategies that delay or eliminate the stressor by giving new names and meanings Besharat et al. The occurrence of any of these changes can be caused by conflict and a problem within the family Shahverdi et al.


    In addition, this questionnaire has a good reputation.

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