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This love grows even stronger as the show breaks another taboo of society: Samantha realizes this as he comes back from one of his acting trips all the way from Alaska and tells her that he forgot to tell her he loves her.

Sex and the city viewer

From the minute that the baby was born, one could not deny it that they were an inseparable trio. Though Big turned up to have broken her heart more than once, they became even closer friends apart, until they realized that they just couldn't live without each other, all summing up to their grand reunion in the series finale. Farewell, Sex and the City.

Sex and the city viewer

Sex and the city viewer

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  1. The show expressed a series of views, social standards and taboo statements opinionated by the women, which before were considered to be unlady-like, associated with men's sleazy mind. You will truly be missed.

    Sign in to vote. The common misconception surrounding this show is that it is pornography, that these women are sluts, that they are "male-bashing, unmoral, unfocused, drunken losers" to quote a certain user.

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