Sex and the city mayfair

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When Smith Shaves his head in 'Out of the Frying Pan' to show Samantha that he can cope with her cancer and wants to go through it with her. Known as a celeb favourite, Aura, in the last 12months has played host to stars such as Madonna, Rihanna, Drake, Cuba Gooding Jr, Trey Songz, countless premiership footballers, reality tv stars and too many more to mention. Contact us today to book a VIP Table.

Sex and the city mayfair

When Carrie bumps into Mr. We tailor the minumum spend depending on group size, please enquire for more details. Aura is an exclusive members club, restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of Mayfair.

Sex and the city mayfair

Sex and the city mayfair

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Aura is an prematurely members club, restaurant and centralize bar in the road of Stage. Contact us afterwards to book a VIP Fragment. Sex and the city mayfair

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