Self love for women

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Jacqueline Wheelwright describes how these data can be used for less common and more personal reasons. For these, we asked Mechanical Turk workers the simple question "Does this photo shows a single selfie"? Justin Lawler has been dealing with low energy for the past 6 months.

Self love for women

For this extremely clever project he used a GoPro to document passing vegetation and a device to record his sneezes in order to pinpoint what plants activated his nose. While most photos were tagged correctly, we found some mistakes. Her 5 years of Pomodoro data challenges the assumption that working all the time is the key to accomplishing things.

Self love for women

Self love for women

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    What counts as a headache? But the very first question turned out to be less straightforward than it seemed:

    How we collected and filtered the data To locate selfies photos, we randomly selected , photos 20,, photos per city from a total of ' images we collected on Instagram.

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