Sap db02 not updating

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There could be also the result of long running jobs red indicator under the Time column. These queries are typically running against administration tables. Check for any long running jobs or any long update queries being run.

Sap db02 not updating

Since there are typically no missing statistics except for empty tables , Lightweight Update Statistics is very fast: The status of each application server The reason why it is not running Whether it has been restarted The CPU and request run time The user who has logged on and the client that they logged on to The report that is running Monitor Application User AL08 and SM04 This transaction displays all the users of active instances. In addition, you can leverage the Update Statistics included in the cube compression, as described below.

Sap db02 not updating

Sap db02 not updating

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  1. There could be also the result of long running jobs red indicator under the Time column. It is described in detail at http:

    This document is updated every quarter to half year. Scheduled, Cancelled, Released and Finished requests.

    Under this step we check all the processes; the process status should always be waiting or running.

    Here you can also change the InfoCube properties for 3.

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