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Baden Powell Park is the venue for a number of activities open to the public such as laser skirmish and abseiling. Climate[ edit ] Samford has a sub-tropical climate with very hot, humid summers and mild, dry, sunny winters.

Samford queensland

Good picnic and barbecue facilities are provided so make a day of it with a packed lunch. The park contains playground facilities for children and is a popular venue for weekend barbecues.

Samford queensland

Samford queensland

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  1. The first business to open in the Samford area was a shop and bakehouse which was owned and built by Alex Lawson.

    The wide variety of habitat provides a sanctuary for a broad range of native wildlife.

    Camping facilities are also provided at Brisbane Forest Park. For something special, visit one of Samford's regular markets for handmade gifts or savour farm fresh produce, preserves, baked goods and organic tea and coffee.

    Baden Powell Park is the venue for a number of activities open to the public such as laser skirmish and abseiling.

    Joseph's Nudgee College at Boondall.

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