Same sex marriage should be

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Legalizing same sex marriage does and can cause religious confusion. For example, when same sex marriage was not legal, child support was an issue when parents decided to split.

Same sex marriage should be

This is a result of the LGBT community being supported socially and feeling accepted. Bush and his wife former First Lady Barbara Bush have served as witnesses to a same-sex wedding, but neither has publicly stated whether this means they support same-sex marriage in general; [52] George W.

Same sex marriage should be

Same sex marriage should be

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  1. A rise in adoption rates means more children have parents to love and care for them rather than living in foster care moving from one home to another. This means that if an emergency occurred, a person was not allowed to visit their life partner because they were not legally married.

    Not only do wedding expenses have a positive impact but more marriages mean higher taxes for those filing jointly causing an increase in tax revenue. Same sex couples often turn to adoption since having a child of their own can be costly.

    When it comes to legalizing same sex marriage, unions go beyond love, they take on the meaning of equality.

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