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In the proposed theory, time is the result of the interaction of chronons, very much as other forces in nature are the result of other particle interactions. You can learn more about my work and me HERE. Between and he founded a chain of computerized information kiosks in Tel Aviv , and in worked for the Nessim D.

Sam vaknim

According to Vaknin, "I was borderline schizoid , but the most dominant was NPD," and on this occasion he accepted the diagnosis, because, he wrote, "it was a relief to know what I had. Served in the Israeli Defence Force in training and education units. He moved back to Israel, where he became director of an Israeli investment firm, Mikbatz Teshua.

Sam vaknim

Sam vaknim

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  1. The need to manipulate them arises out of their propensity to destroy everything and everyone around them.

    I wrote the first draft of the book in prison, by night

    Favourite Quotes I have seen the enemy and it is I Favourites. I'm an author of short stories, a winner of literary awards, and a former columnist in Central Europe Review , eBookWeb.

    I crossed swords with the Israeli government. Background[ edit ] Vaknin was born in Kiryat Yam , Israel , the eldest of five children born to Sephardi Jewish immigrants.

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