Safe places to have sex

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Singer says that this a very popular exhibitionist fantasy for many people because being gawked at — and ahem, admired! Sneak into a park after dark and make use of the picnic table.

Safe places to have sex

A car garage has the right balance of public and private, so it's an ideal place to go for your first public sex encounter. On a public hiking trail. May we suggest bringing a towel to lay down on the floor so you don't leave with popcorn stuck to your back.

Safe places to have sex

Safe places to have sex

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  1. And for your exit strategy? There's also something pretty sexy about not knowing who saw you or how long they watched.

    You can use the blanket for cover, plus have a nice dinner after your romp!

    Be spontaneous and have some fun getting the excitement back.

    That being said, if you're familiar with the park and the neighborhood, this can be a lot of fun. In a public restroom.

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