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Quantitative flood forecasts are issued when moderate flood levels are likely to be exceeded at Ross River Dam. The network consists of a number of automatic telephone and radio telemetry stations which are operated by the Bureau of Meteorology and Townsville Water.

Rupertswood townsville

The house features a tiled roof and a modern interior. In the past flooding has been worsened by overland flows from the Ross River, however construction of the Ross River Dam in has greatly reduced the potential for flood overflows.

Rupertswood townsville

Rupertswood townsville

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    Local Information The Townsville City Coucil is able to provide further information on flooding in your area of the Ross River catchment.

    Due to the mitigating effect of the Ross River dam, flood levels in the Ross River below the Dam peaked some 48 hours after the heavy rainfall. Low maintenance and great for the kids to play in.

    The area is quiet and scenic and I would not hesitate to stay here again if ever passing through or for a Football game! Everyone will want to spend their weekends relaxing on your shady oversized patio.

    The system consists of a network of rainfall and river height field stations which report via VHF radio to base station computers in the Council offices at Townsville City Council and in the Flood Warning Centre in Brisbane.

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