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Super Course The top model until the Concours came along — the lug design of the early models was not as elaborate as from about onwards. Lots of googling has come up with very little about the actual company, except that it is now defunct. I know little about them and it's a hard company name to do a google search for.


More images and details of some Rotrax models by Peter Underwood Rotrax Shirley Rotrax Club or Super Club Early model Rotrax Supercourse Rotrax offered different models as stock frames over the years; the one on the left is a variant of the Shirley model from with a pattern of the Nervex Serie Legere lug. Telescopic type with concealed springs. Rotrax design built with Reynolds tubing and low temperature bronze welded throughout.



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  1. The tube is slightly squashed apparently by design in the middle to provide a slightly flatter purchase for the rear brake.

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