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Back in the harbour he found near his ship a vessel of a hundred or a hundred and twenty tons burden, which came from the Virginies [sic, for Virginia], laden with tobacco in order to exchange it for codfish He wanted to by their fish, but everyone of them had already sold his catch. On the eighteenth of June he bought another three guns in Plymouth and after that he left England for Newfoundland.


On June 10, , de Vries sailed from Texel and west to England. He hoped that the would sell their fish to him, when he gave them their letters. The second section addresses the roles played by trade, religion, ethnicity, and class in linking the Atlantic borders, with essays examining how mariners circulated political and religious news along with trade goods; how British common law supplanted the diverse legal systems of the early colonies; and how Protestant leaders in the colonies challenged the theological assumptions of their European contemporaries.



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